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We are a registered non-profit association dedicated to reuniting all 359th personnel.

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If you were ever assigned to the 359th, either permanent duty station or TDY, you are invited to join our association, post pictures and stories and call our President, Rich Clinton, VP Burrell Welton or Secretary Jim Donaldson anytime, day or night.

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We feel a couple of Thank You's are in order:

To the Engineer Battalions, who built the bridges and paved the entire road, QL19 (Ambush Alley) from Phu Tai to Pleiku and the Special Forces EOD units who cleared it of enemy ordnance as best they could. From the 359th: THANKS.

To all the mechanics that spent long hours day and night under countless tractors replacing transmissions, clutches, rear and front ends, transfer cases and them damn multifuels. THANKS.

To all of the armored units from 4th ID, 173rd AB and the 1st Cav, who escorted our convoys sometimes and hauled-ass out under fire to save our butts many times. From the 359th: THANKS.

To all of the air crews: the gun ships (pee-bringers) and medi-vacs (who swept our dead, dying and wounded out of the kill-zones), Puff the Magic Dragon (another pee-bringer) who used to work out over the green-line at Camp Radcliffe and up at Pleiku, and all the A1 Skyraider jockeys and the jet crews who did their best to get us to destination. From the 359th: THANKS.

And lastly, we would like to thank all the howitzer crews, 105, 155 and 175's that kept us awake all night and made it hard to pick out the in-coming...and kept the base camp from being over-run on more than one occasion. From the 359th: THANKS.

If we have forgotten anyone, let us know…

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