Most Wanted

This page is fulfilling our primary mission: reuniting every swingin’ dick in the 359th. ***PLEASE NOTE*** There is a minor typo on the reward poster. “$2,000,000” is actually supposed to read, “pat-on-the-back.” We’ve tried to have it changed but…damn Webmaster.

The photographs and names (when we can remember them) you will find on this page are folks wanted for one or more of the following offences: failing to salute an officer, drunk and disorderly, under the influence of (pick something), passing in convoy, speeding, out of uniform: not wearing a helmet, not wearing a flack jacket, not wearing a shirt, not wearing (pick something), carrying unauthorized weapons, shooting before you’re shot at, leaving base camp without a pass, and two of our favorites, fighting and insubordination. If you have information on any individual you see here, please rat on him.

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  1. Andrew harms on April 2, 2016 at 8:49 am

    This company was the best damn company to be in ever! Sfc Moore and 1lt Miller were pretty awesome platoon leaders!!