I remember Jack Traven used to get furious when those little three wheeled vehicles would pass him up on the way up the An Khe pass. One day we were out on convoy and I was riding with Traven, when one of those guy’s passed him loaded to the gills with locals. Traven started yelling at them, and got pissed. He actually threw his helmet out the window at them. Don’t know if he ever got his helmut back.

Another time I remember I was out on convoy,we dumped our loads, and were returningto base camp. i was coming off the back side of one of the pass’s clipping along pretty good with an empty tanker. At the bottom I hit a dip in the road, and both hood latch’s let go at the same time. The hood stood straight up against the windshield. Couldn’t see a damn thing for a few scary seconds. Stuck my head out of the window so I could see where i was going, and managed to brake and let the hood fall back down in place.

I remember being on the convoy when manning rolled his truck over and down an embankment. I was about 10 truck’s behind the accident and remember running up to see if we could do any thing. But we were cleared out because of leaking fuel.

On another convoy someone’s truck caught fire. the rear duals locked up, overheated, and caught fire. Flames were coming up around the back end of the tanker, and there were a few of us trying to put out the fire with water from a near by ditch.