15 Jan 1968 as I remember it.

I had 85 days to deros. We were in convoy from An Khe ( Our base camp ) to Pleiku. We had about 40 trucks in the convoy. I was the first in line for the first time out of abour 250 convoy’s. Just as we were leaving George Anderson was put in front, fresh from the motor pool. He had 75 day’s to to go. Before we left he told me his truck was still not running right. We left for Pleiku, but before we got to the Mang Yang pass I passed him. He was slowing down the convoy. After another several miles thru the mountains, we were ambushed by approximately 150 NVA regulars. Leading our convoy was a 2 1/2 ton gun truck ( The War Wagon ) with two M-60 machine gun’s driven by Ron Kendall. The gunners were Tim Wheat and a guy I don’t remember. The convoy was on a steep mountain traveling 15 to 20 MPH. As we were creeping up the mountain I noticed two people carrying rolled up bamboo dressed as peasants. When the gun truck got beside them, they threw the bamboo. Which had satchel charge’s inside under it. It exploded disabling the gun truck. They then jumped toward a ditch and ended uo beside me. I had to stop then firing at the two VC. I was shot through both leg’s, and continued about two miles to a check point where my wounds were treated, and was medavacted to the 71st Evac Hospital. I recovered, but Anderson who ended up behind me was killed when an RPG hit his truck. Tim Wheat received a Silver Star, and Ron Kendall got the Bronze Star. I got the Army Commendation Medal with V device and a Purple Heart.

A few side note’s: We were heading west at about 0900 hour’s when the ambush took plave. About a mile west of a village called Phu Yen. 2 miles east of check point 95 ( where I drove to after I was wounded ). The enemy firing came from the passenger side of the road ( north ). Lt Welton was the convoy Commander and was back in the middle of the convoy. I understand he raced up with his jeep, an M-60 machine gun and a M79 grenade launcher on board to hold them back, plus Wheat & Kendall in the gun truck put out about 6000 rounds from their M-60’s.