My most memorable experience while with the 359th was in nov 1967. We left An Khe in the morning convoy to pleiku hauling JP4. At pleiku I was directed to Dak To with several guys hauling the same fuel. We actually went to a fire base out side Dak To. The only place I”ve been when tripping to Dak To. I know from talking to other guy’s there was also a drop off in a more populated area. As we arrived we came over  a ridge, and could see down into a small valley where the 1st Air Cav was set up. We off loaded into bladders and returned to the road out, where we parked, and waited for everyone else to off load. My buddy Lorin Broughton was in the truck in front of me. When we got the word to pull out for Pleiku I got about 50 yards, when the poppet valve hose on my transmission split, resulting in immediate loss of air pressure. The trailer brakes locked up. I hopped out of the truck, crawled under to find part of the hose haning off the transmission. I went to the trailer and released the air for the air tanks. It was decided I would go back to the base we had just left, and wait for a new hose. Lorin said he would be back the next day with the part. Everyone else headed out, while I turned around and headed back. I parked the rig in front of the HQ’s building which didn’t make a few folks very happy, got some chow and settled in sleeping in the truck for a few hours. We got hit that night, mortars and small arms fire. I heard guy’s yelling about muster gas, but that didn’t happen. Next day I anxiously waited for the convoy and Lorin to show up with the part, none showed. spent another night in the truck, same same we got hit again. the next day a convoy arrived, and Lorin was with them, but no part. For some reason no one would help him get the part we needed. I quickly decided I was not spending another night or more at this fire base. I dropped the trailer and bobtailed back with only manual brakes following Lorin. If anyone stopped to fast I’d use his trailer bumper to help me get stopped. That was not necassary, down shifting and manuel brakes got me back to Pleiku that day, and An Khe the next. Of course I got a good ass chewing for leaving the trailer. And threatened with a court martial as well. The next day I was back on the road to Pleiku as usual. The next trip I made to Dak To the trailer was gone, and we had to drive into the field during a mortar attack.