The gun truck Brutus was not done when I seen it. It was started and had the spare tire boxes started. When I started helping the fabricator at the motor pool, when it was just north of Camp Schimdt. If I remember you had to walk through a path between two compounds to get to the motor pool, and I may just have worked on two or three day’s. I cannot remember how long it took to build. When I was helping we were installing the armor plates on the sides and back of the truck. they used a wrecker to lift the sheets on the truck. The fabricator then welded them in place. When the truck went in service it had two M60 machine gun’s on the front and one 50 caliber on the rear. A short time later, when one of the regular guy’s, not an officer traded someone over at the Air Force base some items for the Mini Gun that was mounted in the rear where the 50 Cal machine gun was. If I remember correctly the feeder de linker unit that fed the ammo belts and drove the gun required 28 volts dc, and the truck was 24 volts dc. So when they hooked it up it was slower than it would have been if it had been the correct voltage. The same guy then traded someone at the Air Force base for a set of regular tread tires for the steering axle.