In December 1968, I had just extended my enlistment, which Lt Dedge and the 1/Sgt had talked me into doing and I would get the job of unit mail clerk. The day before my extension leave was to begin, my tanker broke down in Kontum. The following morning all road traffic was halted due to enemy activity somewhere. In my infinite wisdom of the time, I figured that no one would bother me if I hitch-hiked back to Pleiku in a civilian bus. The bus broke down, and I hopped on an ARVN V-100. Theyturned off and headed into the boonies under sniper fire. I hopped off, and got a ride on the back of an ARVN motor scooter (my hip’s haven’t been the same since). Anyway! When I got back to the company area the 1/Sgt was waiting for me. He started screaming at me, waving court martial papers and/or an artical 15 at me. How the hell he found out so fast what I had done I don’t know. And didn’t understand exactly what I was in trouble for, After screaming at me for hour’s (maybe 10 or 15 minutes), he tore the papers up and yelled at me to get out of his office and catch my flight home. When I got back in January 69, I never heard anything else about it.

Hopefully the statue of limitation’s has run on what ever it was!!