On Feb 23 1971 we were in our convoy on the way to An Khe our delivery of fuel from Qui Nhon to Plieku. We got a call to come help out another Gun Crew. Who were under fire on top of the An Khe Pass. We went and started unloading massive gun fire. After we thought it were over I were the driver (Ronald Mallory) were told to turn around and go back to our convoy. It were a big hill and I pulled up and started to turn around. But heard a loud explosion on back in the gun box. Charles Huser and Hector Diaz said GO, GO,  We have been hit! But I knew it because some of Larry Dahl’s blood had come over on me and I knew then what I had to do. It were a burning tanker in the road and I went through the fire to this outfit on the road. That were when I got up and looked in the Box and saw my Crew were badly hurt, But I knew Larry Dahl were dead.