I think it was around the 27th of march 1972, when the 27th Trans Bn made it’s last convoy to Plieku, when we convoyed back that afternoon, we drove directly to the Port in Quin Nhon, and turned in the trucks and tankers to be washed to be put on ships to be returned to the U.S.

Those with more than 4 months left in country were transfered the next day to the 19th S&S. Those with less than 4 months stayed with the Bn to wash and turn in vehicles and trailers.

Those of us that transfered to the 19th S&S with about 30 Tractors, and 40 S&Ps, along with all the Gun Trucks still did an occasional convoy to Pleiku. Then they started to have the Gun Truck personal tear down all but 4 of the Gun Trucks, and turn in the weapons. As we did less and less convoys.

when I left Vietnam the 11th ov nov 1972, only SFC Monroe was still there from the 359th with Lt toucher in the 27th. There were still 4 Gun Trucks left with the Trans Branch of LSA Quin Nhon. They were Outlaw, The Untouchable, Poison Ivy, and Maverik.