We had several 5 tons that weren’t the usual nightly fixes. We had them parked at the edge of the motor pool in a weedy area. Someone went over and got this truck that had an air leak. We brought it in to the Quonset hut to work on it. We let the truck run until the air pressure had built up, turned it off, and started looking for the leak. The guy underneath was crawling around feeling some air lines to see if he could feel the air coming out of the line. Someone else was looking around and one of the guys saw this bright green color and yelled “SNAKE”. The snake was on the frame of the truck. They were reaching along the frame with a pole of some sort and flipped the snake out. I grabbed the fire extinguisher and sprayed the snake until he was frozen, or close to it. We got it away from the Quonset, poured diesel on the snake, and lit it on fire. End of snake! Luckily no one was bitten.

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