I remember another person who worked in the motor pool in Pleiku, “Boy-Son.” He pissed me off one night & I told th MP Sgt. that Iwas going to get him! I was working night shiift & was working on the gun-Jeep. It had a horrible time with brakes, (so heavy) &  I told them I could do a good brake job on it using an old trick I knew. It was jacked up with all 4 wheels off. I had put on new wheel cylinders, shoes, & all other parts & was ready to put the drums & wheels back on. Boy-Son got in & stomped on the brake pedal, blowing out the wheel cylinders!! He was on “my list” after that.

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  1. Donald Barnard on June 28, 2018 at 11:36 am

    I remember we had a “boy-son” that worked with me at the night maintenance motor pool after we moved back to Phu Tai. He kept falling asleep and not doing anything he was hired to do. I got on Brutus and took two .50 cal rounds of the ma deuce. I pulled the projectiles off and combined the powder into one casing. I set it behind his head when he was asleep in the cab and lit the powder with a cigarette. When the powder burned down to the primer and it was set off, the noise caused the boy-son to think he was shot. He never went to sleep in the shop after that and he always called me Buddha!

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