I was returning from my last convoy on 9 Apr 1972, the 359th had already stopped running convoy’s. I had to take Satins Chariot with a rag tag crew to escort 2 tankers to Pleiku. We got shot up in the An Khe pass on the way up, and returned fire. I called it in to Zero on the way up. Word came back from H.Q. that there were only friendly forces in the A.O. I went back on the radio and told Zero, too late if they were friendlys they would not have fired at my convoy so I fired the pass up. On the return trip same shit happened, so I fired up the pass, and called it in to Zero. He said I have a message for you when you get back to Quin Nhon , your going home. Then on the way back from the trip just outside Quin Nhon I passed a gun truck with the same gun box lay out with the name painted over, and I was sure it was Brutus with an Arvin crew, When I got back to the compound they had my shit packed and put me in a chopper, I was home on the 11th. As much as it pissed me off I am sure Brutus was given to the Arvin’s, they were taking over the convoys.

I’ve got to tell you it’s a good thing they shipped me out, or I would have gotten into deep shit. I was pissed off about the Arvin’s having Brutus. We were always told that Brutus was coming back to the USA to be placed next to the Eve of Destruction. I felt I failed to protect the legend and crews before me and bring it home.

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  1. Bruce Bourget, aka Frenchie on September 27, 2014 at 7:29 am

    Yea I always thought our Guntrucks were going to be sent home, I was a gunner on the King Cobra in the 597th in Phutai, never heard about what ever happened to the King Cobra, Yea I would be pissed too, if the Arvins got our Guntruck, later Frenchie

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